2016 BG Christmas Contest Entry

Hello Everyone. Now to start off BG in the title of this post, stands for Blender Guru. That’s right for the next couple weeks I’ll be posting my progress on my entry for the Blender Guru Christmas Contest.  This is a annual contest that Blender Guru has been doing for five years now. Previous years I’ve either not tried to enter, or haven’t been able to complete my scene on time.

This year I hope to change that. So without further waiting, here are my early sketches and a screen shot of my progress so far. I hope you continue to follow my progress and encourage me as I strive to finish this on time. 😀



Long time no post.

Hey everyone, or hello random stranger stumbling onto my blog. 🙂 I apologize for not posting for so long. Life has gotten the best of my plans, or I should say my ignorance had gotten the better of my plans.  Over the time I’ve been away a lot has happened and while I won’t share it all here. I will have more time now to post at least once a month maybe twice a month. So what have a been doing within the realm of CGI Lately? Glad you asked. 😀

My most recent project that I just completed a few weeks ago would be my SketchFab VR Contest entry.  It was a contest to create a scene you liked from a movie within your CGI program to be viewed in VR. Now I admit I bit off more then I could chew. But I loved building the scene and the E.T. alien which I will use in future projects.  You can view my work on my Creative Blend Productions Page on SketchFab.  My contest uploads are marked but you’ll also get to see some of my other attempts for models and my Orca on their as well.

I’ve also been working on recreating the My Little Pony animation style with Blender. Using Blenders shadeless, shaders and FreeStyle stroke function I’ve been making good progress. I hope to post a Youtube video explaining it and featuring a video I made using it for Kolliopa..  But till then you can check out my Page on this blog for it or my Youtube Channel directly.

Well I have to get back to life. But I hope to have more too post later this month of next month.  So I hope that if anyone checks this blog that you follow me and enjoy what I do post. Or that a passerby will find this blog helpful or interesting. Until then this is Tim SteinFire signing off. 😀


I’m Back!

Wowzers it’s cold out their! Oh hey, sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I really committed to this near the beginning of June 2014, then with all the camping, working, playing, and holidays I just got to busy. But I’m back, the beginning of 2015 with tons of new content I’ve been working on and plan to do this year. 🙂

Just let me take off my coat and warm up a bit first.  Ah that’s better, now lets see; to start off with let’s look at some stuff I did for The Bible Animated this past year.  The Life of Christ, not just a historical reference but one of The Bible Animated’s first full length videos. I helped out with some minor scenes in this video as well as made coloring pages out some of the scenes as well.

But that’s all I’ve been doing over at The Bible Animated. I’ve also done some voice acting for a Inn Keeper in the newly redone Christmas Video. I’ve also been working on an unnamed kids series for The Bible Animated, you can view the test reel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oo6mFw5W3ck&index=3&list=PLEvBhwGtbJom5NcdmyRXEBKiBTpBOzoVb

Well that wraps up my work their for now, but I plan on continuing to help out the amazingly gifted and fun to work with people. As for personal projects I haven’t made much headway with Where the Wild Things Are, though I have had time to learn more about modeling, camera angling/positioning, and some neat render tips and tricks as well.  🙂

I’ve also continued work a a project I started a couple years back known as The Cat movie! But it’s really more interesting then what my sister and I have been calling it. It’s character style is anthropomorphized animals, (animals standing on two legs). And it’s going to hopefully be more of a series, with the main characters being a cat and a rabbit. I would tell you more, but I promised not to leak more then that so sorry. 😦

But I’ve been working on different modeling styles for those characters, as well as modeling, rigging, and texturing my own E-T. That is a show that a lot of people don’t know about if they don’t want to know about it. I just need to find a way to render out an image to show you all, (that is, without my computer crashing. ;O

So yeah, lots of stuff done yet still lots to do for personal projects. LNA is making good but slow progress, if you want to know more please check out our official site here. Well I guess I’d better get back to work, hope you’ve all enjoyed this post, and please like, share, comment, follow, etc..

This is Timely Tim, signing off! 😀

Where The Wild Things Are, Project

Hey everyone, I’ve been working on setting up my portfolio page with projects I’ve done and are still working on. While I still have somethings I need to include one that I’ve already posted renders for is The Wild Things project.

In case some of you don’t know, (and most of you probably won’t).  Where The Wild Things Are is a book that was written back in 1963 by Maurice Sendak, as a children’s picture book. From the book there have been many fan made videos, an Opera, as well as a short film for reading along with, that was made by Schoolastic.

There was also a short clip based on the book made by Disney, to test out early 3D and 2D drawing integration techniques. A few years ago their was a full length feature movie released in 2009. The film, while still containing all key characters and scenes within the book, didn’t appeal to people as being a children’s movie.

And so I have taken it upon myself to make a 30 minute (or longer), children’s movie based on the original story in the book. Excluding details that were in the 2009 movie and sticking more to Dinsey’s short here:  

I will of course put this on Youtube for free, and won’t claim the ownership of the story at all and give credit to all the proper people and corporations. So to conclude this post I would like to encourage you all to follow me here and on Youtube as I will be posting short or long, animations like this one:  

This is Timely Tim, signing off. 😀

Hello World!

Ah I just love using that saying, gives every blog a nice start; or at least I think so. 🙂 Oh, excuse me for just a moment.  Vrrrrmmmm, vrmmm,  vrmmmm. Sorry about that, just mixing up a Creative Blend of mine. The ingredients you say? Nothing special, just the perfect mix of concept and computer.

Hey everyone Tim here, I suppose I could also say “Hey Guys,” or “Hia Fellows.” But anyway, welcome to Creative Blend Productions.  If you want to know more about Us or Me just visit the About Me or About Creative Blend Productions page.

Speaking of which, I do believe I mentioned another blog on the About Me page.  And so I’ll be telling you more about that now, but I don’t plan to have it up till this blog is set in place. 😉 So the other blog I will be doing will cover the following:

My Christian life and walk, Bible reading, monthly verse, occasional post.

1.Bible reading, my daily bible reading and what I learned.

2. Monthly verse, and short verse that I change once a month.

3.Occasional post, post I do occasionally. Containing info on things that happen and what I’ve learned.

But as I said before this blog won’t be up for a while yet, as I’m still transitioning into the blogging world.  I hope to post some info on some of my recent projects (aside from TheBibleAnimated, and LNA). As soon as I get back from a trip I’ll be taking, I also plan on getting my logo up around that time as well.

Till next time, this is Tim saying Good Day, or Good Night. 😀